The Best Resorts In USA For Vacations

When you are exploring your trips and looking for the best golf resorts in the USA, you will get many opinions to select. Here, there are at least five among the top golf resorts you may want to stay when you rent a car in your America vacation. The places have great spectacular views, lavish accommodations, and golf course play.

Top 5 of the most fabulous golf resorts you must stay in the USA.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


The South Carolina Myrtle Beach is the best place where golf enthusiasts prefer to stay. The courses there are taken great care like the shrines by the community apart from having perfect weather. There are six courses of award winnings by legends; they are packaged at that luxurious resort area which has three pools and a world-class restaurant. You may order right away a three-night stay on the internet among practice balls, cart free, and three golf rounds. There are some more golf courses in Myrtle beach like 27-hole waterway hills having many lakes and woodlands and Kings North which Arnold Palmer designed.

2. Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort


The Sandestin beach resort is the place where many Destin secrets are safely kept. It is among the ‘Most Underrated Resorts’, and the leisure and travel golf had classified this. Many professional courses are designed and available here, and they are much beautiful. Such courses that are available here include; Tom Jackson’s design of the Baytowne course and the Link Course, Ree Jones’ design of Burnt Pine Course, and Robert Trent Jones’ design of Raven Course. The research in this resort has concluded that golf enthusiasts may play for a period of full two months with no any twice tapping of the hole but just once.

3. Alabama, Emerald Coast

There is a twist offer in the Alabama, Emerald Coast to the golf course standard fare due to its green wetlands and dense marshes. The place has got great twisty fairways which were designed by Arnold Palmer, and the Craft Farms Course which is situated at the Golf shores. Golf Digest rated this course with a 4.5-star rating. The class has a ‘stay and plays’ number packages which are available if you need in the accommodation.

4. The Wharf Golf Club

This Golf Club is among the highest rankings golf resorts and is situated along the Golf Shores at Alabama. The Wharf has got some challenging play games which can’t be easily found anywhere else among some spectacular views. It is among the few 5-star courses in the entire world and just some time back; it took a renovation worth $5 million. There are both some condominium harbor rentals and the poolside.

5. Palm Springs, California

The California Palm Springs tends to be among the most premier places for golfing and also it is a desert resort in the oasis. The area has more than 125 golf courses, native palm, mountain views, vibrant green grass, olive trees, and surrounding lakes. All these features are the ones which possibly might have promoted the place to become among the premier golfing site in the USA. The Canyons Indian Golf Resort is among the best resorts that may be found in this place. There are rolling green fairways, mountains, and the four lake hazards.


When taking your trips to America, you should always consider visiting the above named top 5 places you cannot afford to miss. When you rent a car, then your vacation will be fascinating in these places.