How to replace your Honda windshield wiper blades

With the summer weather here to stay in Denver (finally!), it’s the perfect time to turn your attention towards the maintenance you should be giving to your Honda vehicle. Often overlooked but extremely important is your windshield wiper blades; today we’ll show you how to replace your Honda windshield wipers so you can be prepared when it rains! 

Signs your wiper blades need replacing

Your wiper blades are an essential component of your Honda vehicle, instrumental in keeping rain and other visibility-related issues out of your eyes. You can tell that your wipers need replacing if you notice streaks on your windshield, or cracks in your wiper’s handle. Luckily, replacing your blades is a quick and easy process!

How to replace your windshield wipers

If you’ve already got a pair of windshield wipers on hand, check out how to install them below!

  1. If your Honda model is still running, turn on your wipers and turn off your vehicle when they’re lying vertically on your windshield.
  2. There should be a button on your wiper blade itself to detach it from your wiper arm’s hook. Press it and pull to release the blade.
  3. Slide your new blade in place so that it lines up with your hook. Pull until you hear a click; this means that your blade should be securely in place.
  4. Give your blade a couple test wipes to ensure that it can stay in place while working.

You’re done! Also, another helpful maintenance tip is to periodically wipe down your wiper blades with washer fluid and a rag/paper towel. This can help to greatly increase your blade’s longevity.

Schedule Service at Planet Honda

If you need further assistance with your wiper blade systems, feel free to contact our service team right here at Planet Honda and schedule a routine maintenance appointment. We’ll get you back out on the road with confidence that you can take on any condition!