How to pair your iPhone with the 2017 Honda Accord

Apple and Honda are two of the most trusted and respected brands in their respective markets, thanks in large part to their design qualities and functionality. If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone and the 2017 Honda Accord, you might be wondering how to get the most of your infotainment system. Today we’ll show you how to connect your iPhone to a whole new world of possibilities.

HondaLink infotainment system capabilities

As with many others, the HondaLink® system can provide you with a user experience that’s second to none. Your compatible iPhone can be connected, giving you access to all your media, contacts, navigation and more, putting your world right at your fingertips. Also included is the HondaLink® Aha™ app, which gives you your own personalized radio selections on your drive!

How to connect to HondaLink in the 2017 Honda Accord

If you’re ready to get started and connect to your world, it’s easy! There are two main methods to connect to the 2017 Accord; USB and Bluetooth. Today we’ll take you through how to connect using Bluetooth.

  1. Open up the “Settings” app on your iPhone. In the first cluster of options you’ll see “Bluetooth.” Press it and continue on.
  2. If your Bluetooth settings are not automatically on, toggle them so your switch turns green.
  3. By this point you should see the HondaLink® system as an option for connecting. If you don’t, press the phone button on your interface.
  4. Your HondaLink® system will start scanning for available devices to pair with. Since your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on it should be recognized.
  5. You’ll be prompted to enter a passcode to make your connection secure. Choose whatever you want.
  6. At this point you should be all connected and ready to go!

We should also mention that HondaLink® is also available as an iPhone app, and you can monitor all the essential information about your Accord, such as driving range, and even unlocking doors!

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