Honda HR-V trim levels with a manual transmission

Does the 2017 Honda HR-V offer all-wheel drive?

The 2017 HR-V is a fun sporty little crossover, and since its debut it has attracted many buyers. Some who are still on the fence may be wondering, does the 2017 Honda HR-V offer all-wheel drive? We have your answers right here. You may be surprised at what Honda can fit in this amazing little package.

Which HR-V trims have available all-wheel drive?

This answer is simple. All Honda HR-V trims have all-wheel drive available for 2017. All-wheel drive does not come standard however.

Instead, buyers get to choose between the more efficient and standard front-wheel drive configuration or the better handling all-wheel drive optional configuration. Buyers will be able to make this choice on the LX, EX, and EX-L Navi trims.

Transmission options for the Honda HR-V

When it comes to the transmission, that’s where things get interesting. This compact crossover actually offers a 6-speed manual transmission. What’s more, this transmission comes standard on both the LX and EX. The manual transmission is not available on the top EX-L Navi trim. The other option you have is a continuously variable transmission or CVT.

A continuously variable transmission is one of the most efficient transmission solutions currently in regular use in the automotive industry. It utilizes two pulleys that can vary their diameters. A belt or chain is strung between them and just like that, you have a transmission. Unlike an automatic or a manual, a CVT doesn’t have individual gears and instead changes pulley ratios continuously.

If you decide that the CVT is for you, then you can opt for it on the LX and the EX, and it comes standard on the EX-L. It should be noted, that if you were intending to get an all-wheel drive HR-V, then you will need a CVT as the AWD system is unavailable with a manual transmission.

HR-V handling technology

The HR-V has a lot to offer in the handling department. In fact, regardless of what trim you select or what transmission you choose, you will get a lot of standard handling technology. This technology includes vehicle stability assist, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake distribution, and traction control.