First Honda Civic Type R model to be auctioned ahead of release

In recent weeks, we’ve been touting the Honda Civic Type R ahead of its scheduled release, and for good reason; once it hits dealership lots it’s sure to be a hot ticket vehicle for all race and adrenaline enthusiasts. If you want the chance to get yours before it’s fully unveiled to the market, you’re in luck! The first Civic Type R in production is currently being auctioned off, and it’s for a great cause. Come check it out!

2017 Honda Civic Type R auction and charity

At this point, we don’t need to explain why the 2017 Civic Type R is so highly anticipated; it’s already set the land speed record for its class at the Nurburgring race track, and its engine can produce up to 303 horsepower. We’ve included the link to its official auction page here; it currently stands at $56,000, and it’s sure to only rise higher before the auction ends on June 15.

This auction isn’t just a publicity stunt; all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, which helps to support research and treatment of pediatric brain tumors in children. We’ve also included a link to the organization’s website so you can learn more about what it does!Read More: 2017 Honda Civic Type R new features

Get more information on the 2017 Honda Civic Type R

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