Confused by the Warning Lights on Your Honda’s Dash?

What do the Honda Warning Lights Mean?

For those of you who own a new or used Honda vehicle, there is nothing more annoying or worrying than when an unknown light starts shining or blinking on your dash. With all of the warning and indicator lights that are up there, it can be easy to confuse which ones mean something bad is happening, and which ones simply mean you have your cruise control on. We are going to try and help you understand what the Honda warning lights mean, in hopes that you will better know whether they are troublesome or not.

 Why is Your Honda Check Engine Light On?

The most popular light that loves to flash in vehicles is that pesky Check Engine light. This one could mean one of several things, including:

-A misfire in the engine’s cylinders
-Emissions control system problem
-Loose Fuel Cap

If your check engine light does come on, the best thing to do would be to stop your vehicle and check if it is something as simple as a loose fuel cap. If it is not, then additional maintenance may be required.

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